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Sandra Gustafsson

Thriller novelist based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Author of Seared, The Rival and Skinless.




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Skinless - Sandra Gustafsson

Alice and Jonathan have a child, Liam, but Alice’s son brings her no joy. Something is very wrong. When Liam is eventually found to be seriously ill, the diagnosis tears the family apart. Alice is convinced she knows how to help her son, but Jonathan trusts the health care system and is determined to follow medical advice. Finally the only thing that binds the two of them is Liam himself, and the struggle to save him overwhelms them both. Nothing else matters, and their lives will never be the same.

Skinless is a powerful, unsparing and demanding story about a reality that touches the lives of many families.


The book is free 04/02/16 - 04/03/16.


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Editorial Reviews
"This hair-raising and horrible account of developing madness and a mother's wild desperation at her son's illness is deeply moving. The unsparing substance and precision of the language shows us the author knows this territory well. This is her third novel describing mental illness and social exclusion."
-- Lena Condelius, BTJ magazine, edition 21, 2015


"Undertaking the composition of a novel like Skinless certainly means yielding to the powerful temptation to immerse oneself into the miseries of others in order to analyze them. Sandra Gustafson knows exactly what she's doing. She opens herself wide to us, in my opinion, much like an actor identifying entirely with a role. It's a completely convincing achievement."
-- Anna-Charlotte Östman, Literature magazine


"Really forceful, gripping and harrowing!"
Book of the Month for August, 2015.
-- Jennie's Book List.