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Sandra Gustafsson

Thriller novelist based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Author of Seared, The Rival and Skinless.




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When I Found You - Catherine Ryan Hyde Someone - Alice McDermott The Ghost House - Helen Phifer Journey by Moonlight - Antal Szerb, Len Rix The Rival - Sandra Gustafsson Hudlös - Sandra Gustafsson

What ever happened to this summer?

I´ve been working with the translation of my second novel (and third book) The Rival - (ready for pre-order here) and my new novel Hudlös (Skinless) that will be released in Sweden in two weeks.


I was supposed to read like 25 books - I´ve finished 3: When I Found You - Catherine Ryan Hyde, Someone - Alice McDermott  and Journey by Moonlight - Antal Szerb.

Almost half way thru The Ghost House - Helen Phifer now.


The best place to read this summer was in Greece.

Two weeks in Greece (with a three day stop by in Turkey to visit some friends) with my youngest son. Two weeks and only three books - I know, I really have to speed up a bit.